Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bluetooth Tracking Devices Review

Ever lost luggage? Or your mobile phone? Then a Bluetooth location tracking device (aptly also called Lost-Item tracker) might be for you. Here is a list what is currently on the market:

  • Tile
  • StickNFind
  • BluTracker
  • PebbleBee
  • XY Find-It
  • Bringrr & BringTags
  • Find’Em Tracking
  • Linquet
  • PROTAG Duet
  • Lupo
  • iCookie
  • Click N'Dig
  • Wallet TrackR

The review is easy: All of them require a battery and cost between $30-$100. Unlike the WallStreet Journal I think this is ridiculous. It is the electronic version of Coal Rollers.

In contrast to Bluetooth, NFC (Near Field Communication) would be an ideal candidate for this application, as the tags require no battery. But physics still puts some hard limit on their range. More than 20cm are currently not possible.

As far as I am concerned, I came to the conclusion that this is nothing for me. Way to much battery waste! So I decided I'd rather continue use my build-in brain for this. It is not that bad after all.

But wait! There is one solution that does not require a battery. It is
Alas, this one does not exist yet and is most likely a scam.


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  8. A special network adapter allows your computer to accept the Bluetooth reception. In order for your computer to recognize the hardware, you will need to install the appropriate device drivers.

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