Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mozilla Electrolysis (e10s) Release Date and Resources

The goal of the Electrolysis project ("e10s" for short) is to run web content in a separate process from Firefox itself. It is an important project with potentially breaking changes for addon developers. I find the Mozilla Resources ...confusing. So here is my e10s cheat sheet.

e10s Release Date

E10S is scheduled for Firefox 36 - February 17, 2015.

According to the Rapid Release Calendar Firefox 36 development begins Oct 13,2014. This is the version of the browser where Firefox's multi-process architecture will be moved from channel to channel (Nightly > Aurora > Beta > Stable) so that it is released to the stable channel of the browser on February 17, 2015. (Source =?, I read it on Ghacks)

e10s - How to test

You can test e10s in its own window, like Private Browsing, using the 
Nightly channel's "File > New e10s Window" menu item. (Source!topic/ )

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